LeaderShap Podcasts available on iTunes and Google Play.

Great news! Thanks to our partners at LibSyn┬áthe first two episodes of our LeaderShap podcast are posted and available. You can find them easily across all devices by searching for ‘leadershap’ across all of your devices on either iTunes or Google Play. Definitely comment below if you subscribe or download and let me know what you think. Also, let me know who want me to interview.

The next LeaderShap podcast will be taping this week and will publish on Friday, June 10. I be interviewing a great friend and colleage, Mr. Freddie Brown, the President of AT&T OxyGEN Atlanta.

Thanks for sharing our leadership journey.

UPDATE: There have been some technical difficulties in the switch from blab to Skype for the podcast recording. These are corrected now and I am set to record at least three podcasts this month, with the first publishing July 15. More info to come.

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